Introducing the World's First Electric Helicopters


Welcome to Helios Advanced Aviation. We are not only scientists and engineers, we are also aviators. Our electric helicopters have better performance and more endurance than legacy helicopters. 
Safety is one of our primary objectives. After years of research, we've redesigned the helicopter with safety in mind by removing many of the problematic factors inherent in the design of legacy helicopters. With a ground-up, brand-new design, we have also reduced operating costs by 97% - including fuel and maintenance. This is not the next generation; this is a completely different flying machine. This is what a helicopter should be. 
To begin with, we've eliminated driveshaft technology. Our helicopters utilize air pressure jet technology to drive the rotors. This reinforces the gyroscopic effect of the rotors and eliminates the torque, making the aircraft much more stable, and putting the rotors in a constant state of auto rotation. 
Helios' Electric motors have instant torque, are more powerful, and have a higher power-to-weight ratio, than traditional internal combustion engines. Our aircraft are more capable of performing any task faster, for longer periods of time, and with heavier loads than legacy helicopters. These electric motors only have one moving part and run on graphene batteries. We have reduced our parts count from around 4,000 moving parts - the number traditionally found in a legacy helicopter - fewer than 50 moving parts. The entire system allows us to eliminate the use of explosive fossil fuels and complex mechanisms that easily break down. 
We envision a safer, greener, more sustainable, and cost-effective future in the aviation industry. 


Some of Selene's most notable features - aside from its sexy lines - are its unprecedented 6.5 ft ( 195.6cm ) floor-to-ceiling interior space and its huge interior windows made from Helios' Transparent Titanium™.


The HELIOS EOS EMERGENCY is ready to fly within two minutes. With speeds of up to 250 MPH and a range of more than 600 NM, it is the perfect emergency medical aircraft.

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